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Windows Reseller Web Hosting: The Best Platform for Resellers

If you want to start a reseller web host business, you have to decide which operating system (OS) your server will have. There are two main OS servers in the market today, Window and Linux/Unix. Windows reseller web hosting has many advantages over a Linux/Unix-based one. Of course, Linux/Unix too has its plus points versus Windows, but in a world where Microsoft basically rules computers, Windows is most compatible.

If you want to be a reseller, you have to take into consideration the machine specifications of you prospective clients. If you plan on targeting mostly private clients, then chances are they have a windows platform and are more familiar with it. These clients would only require personal web hosting. Yes, Linux/Unix web hosting is more stable than Windows. But adaptability-wise, Windows is better. A Linux/Unix-based website can move easily to a Windows server, but that is not the truth the other way around.

There are many advantages of getting a Windows reseller web hosting. If you know your clients are going to be more Windows-savvy, this is the best option for you. Sites built with Visual Basic or Active Server Pages (.ASP) can only be supported by a Windows server. If you know your clients will be utilizing these, then the choice is obvious.

Another perk of Windows reseller web hosting is its beginner-friendly features. It has the ability to recognize Microsoft Front Page. Front Page is an easy way to design a website. A windows platform can recognize this and Linux/Unix cannot. With Linux/Unix, you have to have a certain degree of knowledge in web development and design. Knowledge of programming languages is a must. But with a Windows-based server, as long as you are familiar with Windows, you will not have a hard time working on and maintaining your site. This is the best choice for individual clients and web development beginners.

Reseller clientele is mostly private individuals. As most private clients do not have an intense programming background and with the high likelihood that they’re more familiar with Windows, this is the best choice for reseller hosting.

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