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Webhostingpad may be a relatively smaller and newer company but they offer the same great features as other web hosts for the lowest price on the market- $1.99/month! A division of Omnis networks, Webhostingpad began its business in 2005, seeking to provide affordable hosting for everyone, and at that price point, everyone is right! In this Webhostingpad review, I will be outlining the pros and cons of using this provider.

Let’s take a look at the PROs first:

1. It’s truly affordable; no other host is offering $1.99/month for 3 years, and no setup fees.

2. It offers the same top notch features as other leading webhosts including but not only:

a. Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
b. Unlimited domains and free domain names
c. Unlimited email, forwarders and autoresponders
d. Unlimited mySQL databases

3. Experts say that Webhostingpad’s servers are custom-built, and each is a dual Xeon server with 8GB of RAM. They use a load-balanced cluster of servers for hosting, and a Netapp network attached storage device for files. That means that all users should have consistently reliable service. Most other webhosts don’t even have their own datacenter.

4. Customer feedback for the tech support voice and chat lines are generally very good, showing that the dip in price does not mean a dip in the quality of customer service.

And now for the CONs:

1. The “too good to be true” price point may actually be on point. There have been some customer complaints over occasional down-times and payment disputes. But you have to ask: how perfect can their services really be on $1.99/month?

A Webhostingpad review would not be complete without stating that they have some unique features in their offer. Their Fasntastico script library lets you build your website easily, turning it into a store, blog, or wiki site with ease. They also have free advertising credits from Miva, Yahoo, and Google, so you can start getting hits on your site. If you have cold feet about giving them a shot, they also have a 30-day trial period where you can ask for a refund if you are not 100% satisfied.

All-in-all, Webhostingpad reviews say it doesn’t have the best service in the industry, but it truly has the best VALUE for money, and that’s why it’s still a contender for being a top web host, with more than 100,000 domains and counting. With that $1.99/month deal, that number is sure to increase soon.

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