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Unlimited Reseller Web Hosting: A Need for Growing Reseller Businesses

If you have a web hosting reseller business and you feel like it’s starting to boom, it would be good to acquire an unlimited reseller web hosting service. When resellers start up their businesses, not all get an unlimited hosting service off that bat. Usually, they test the waters first and when business becomes good, they move to an unlimited reseller web hosting service.

Offers with unlimited hosting are very different from limited reseller hosts. As the name suggests, unlimited hosting offers unlimited disk space and/or bandwidth allocation. Meaning a reseller will be able to accommodate an unlimited number of clients. Moreover, unlimited hosting also offers special bonus features that are not available for limited clients. A couple of examples are free website templates, as with Host Gator, unlimited FTP accounts, as with Mega Web Server, and free hosting manager for Lypha.

Unlimited reseller web hosting packages are priced in the range of $25 to $40 a month. Depending on what your business needs more, you can opt for packages that devote more points to a specific service. For example, if you just need more disk space but your current bandwidth allocation seems sufficient, you can opt for a package that offers unlimited web space but has a limited, albeit larger, allocation for bandwidth transfers.

For resellers, the benefit they get from unlimited service is the assurance that they can accommodate more clients. This means more business. Moreover, the greater resources you have on hand, the faster the service is going to be for the clients. The happier the clients, the higher the chances they will stay with you going forward.

When just starting up the business, one can set aside the need to sign up for an unlimited reseller hosting service. But when the clients’ usage of your services start to catch up with your limit, it would be wise to start investing on unlimited service. Neglecting to do this would have you either turn away potential customers or lose the ones you currently have. Always invest money on what will be best for your business and the customers.

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