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Ruby on Rails Hosting

In the past, it took weeks or months to develop commercial-grade web applications. But, due to the creation of web framework languages such as Ruby on Rails, programming breakthroughs can run from the drawing board to reality in a matter of days. This reduction in working time has benefited web developers the most, making it easier for them to improve websites and update content.

The object-oriented Rails environment allows you to spend less time worrying about programming syntax, and more time implementing your unique and innovative web application ideas. Because it is supported by AJAX functions and object-oriented databases, you learn how to write codes in a neater and more organized fashion. This translates to database-driven web applications that are robust and flexible. In fact, with Ruby on Rails, you can incorporate existing plug-ins such as Google Maps and Flickr. Because of the popularity of Ruby on Rails hosting, many companies and individual developers are continuously working to expand the array of plug-ins compatible to the Ruby on Rails. This gives you, as a developer, more freedom and flexibility to create web applications that cater to the particular needs of your website.

The success of your Rails applications depends heavily on the hosting service you subscribe to. Your Ruby on Rails hosting service must provide you with the right mix of software support. The two most important requirements are shell/SSH access and ability to run on fast CGI. The former allows you to get to the command line level of coding, while the latter spares your app from performance lags and delays. It’s also important that your hosting service has all the latest Ruby and Ruby on rails updates. A web server running on outdated software may raise incompatibility issues with your Rails web apps.. Another concern is your host’s scalability options. Your hosting service should be able to upgrade you to a higher subscription plan, once it sees that your website has higher demands for data storage and transfer. Your host should also be able to provide you with technical support whenever you need it. It is much better when your host’s support personnel can give specific answers to your queries, rather than links to documentation releases.

With Ruby on Rails, you can improve the functionality of your website by implementing ingenious applications. By choosing the right web hosting service, you can certainly attract more users and visitors, thus making your website more popular in the online community.

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