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Reseller Web Hosting Reviews

If you are planning on starting your own small-time web hosting service, the first thing to do is to look for the best reseller package for you. What is reseller hosting? Basically, this is a business in which you pay for disk and bandwidth allocations and do web hosting as a third-party entity. Your basic target clients are those who want to start a small business or personal website, mostly those who aren’t that well versed in web development.

The very first step to take when starting a reseller business is to look for the right provider for you. Web hosts have dedicated packages for resellers. The best way to find out which packages are the best ones is to look for reseller web hosting reviews. Many independent sites list their top bets for reseller packages. It is best to find out which specific offer fits your market the best.

The top four web hosts that are highly recommended by reviewers are Site5, HostGator, Green Reseller and Eleven2. Reseller web hosting reviews take two important features into consideration when rating service: Ease of use; and availability of a billing system for reseller’s clients.

Ease of use is very important in reselling. One of the perks of reselling is having less technical responsibility. If the administrative end in reselling is difficult, then it beats its own purpose. Administration should be easy. That’s why the best hosting providers have free web host managers (WHM) for reselling accounts. This makes the administrative task easier. The top hosting companies even offer cPanel, a GUI-based, point-and-click administrative tool. This is the best WHM available today.

Billing is another important thing for reseller. As resellers divide expenses between clients, providers should provide a hassle-free way of getting paid. It would be hard to set-up a separate payment system. A reseller web hosting review gives the highest mark for those who have a free billing system for resellers. All top four reseller sites recommended above have this feature. A web hosting service should never charge you for billing services. Always go for ones that offer it free.

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