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Reseller Web Hosting

In the unlimited hosting business, there are two opportunities available – to build a site under an efficient yet affordable unlimited hosting site, or to build one’s own reseller web hosting site that will attract more clients searching for web hosting services.

Reseller web hosting is a type of web hosting service that enables the site manager or owner to use his extra drive space and traffic bandwidth for hosting other sites. The site becomes a reseller which avails of the services of the web hosting site, and then have them used by the others to gain extra income.

What comes with the said web hosting type of service that one will not find with other web hosting classifications would be the number of unlimited hosting features that the site owner can use. For one, there is the large amount of disk space that gives the site builder a chance to manage a lot of files within the site. If unlimited space is given, the reseller will only be able to host a few sites according to the web hosting company’s discretion. For instance, they can just limit the number of sites that the reseller can accommodate.

Another freebie would be an unlimited bandwidth that provides a traffic-free internet service.

A free site builder tool is also given. It comes with a demo for first time clients so that they can modify or edit site elements with ease, and a choice of 4,500 free website templates that will definitely suit the needs of the more artsy client.

Another free feature would be a control panel that comes with a demo. The features of the control panel will keep track of the customer accounts that have availed of the reseller’s services, not to mention that it also takes care of the site’s main processes.

The best feature would be the 99.9% uptime guarantee even in the strongest of external forces. Resellers wouldn’t have a hard time dealing with clients since they can always depend on the server’s power.

Of course, resellers will always be provided with a 24/7/365 technical support which will provide help to troubled reseller web hosting clients all year-round.

Being a reseller is also as fun as being a web site manager, or even more.

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