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PHP Hosting

You may have encountered many web hosting services that require you to have PHP or MySQL installed, prior to creating your website. This is because PHP is one of the founding programming technologies that make today’s websites work. While many of today’s content management services and website editors employ graphical interface, PHP remains to be the underlying technology in these software applications.

PHP hosting starts by acquiring three key elements: a PHP parser, web browser and web server. It is important to run the server on a PHP installation. This completes the loop from your PHP parser where you input your code to the web browser that displays your code’s output. You can check if your server is running on PHP by executing a simple ‘hello world’ code found in the PHP official site. The output must be displayed in the browser as ‘hello world’, not as an error message or a snippet of code. This simple example reflects the basic process that governs all existing websites. By being an expert PHP developer, you can create more functional applications that improve the quality of website content. While you may argue that it is easier to employ higher levels of web hosting software, a good understanding of traditional PHP language could go a long way in efficient and comprehensive website hosting and handling. Because it has been around for quite a long while, PHP ensures robust operation with an abundance of technical support for PHP programmers. It is also beneficial to learn PHP if you wish to set up a web hosting service of your own, instead of subscribing to a commercial web host.

PHP hosting also offers benefits that you can find in more expensive web hosting services. PHP provides support for access logging and control. This bodes well for administrators, as they can keep track of all users coming in and out of the website. Access control includes features such as password protection, webpage cloaking and assignment of user privileges. Because PHP hosting employs web-based control, it becomes easier for administrators to manage their website accounts from any browser at any given time.

Among newer hosting technologies, pure PHP hosting may be considered old and primitive. But, by learning PHP, IT professionals and web developers can lay a good foundation on their web development skills, and thus use their PHP expertise as a springboard to creating bigger, better and more functional websites and applications.

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