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Nucleus Hosting Review

The diversity in platforms for web development has grown through the years, with the development of programming languages like Ruby on Rails, PHP, MySQL and Perl. To respond to this, web hosting services like Nucleus have made efforts to offer support for all types of platforms. In fact, Nucleus has software support for websites running on common platforms such as PHP, Perl, MySQL, MSSQL and coldfusion. They also provide support for both Linux and Windows web hosting. This multi-platform operation has enabled them to round up a huge client base in Australia, US and New Zealand.

Nucleus hosting offers you flexible and scalable plans that cater to your website’s particular needs. Whether you are running a personal site or using a website for business reasons, you can find a Nucleus plan that fits your budget and purpose. For less demanding sites, you can subscribe to Nucleus’s Satellite plan. This is perfect for personal sites that do not require much data storage and transfer. Satellite gives you 20 MB of data space with 2 GB bandwidth. You can also enjoy multi-platform support and personalized email addresses (i.e. with this basic plan. For more demanding sites, Nucleus offers two plans that give you almost unlimited resources to address your website’s hosting needs. Unlimited 2995 and 4995 offer unlimited data storage and bandwidth, unlimited email addresses and technical support. The only difference is that 4995 subscribers enjoy cheaper rates when they avail of extra hosting accounts. The 4995 is perfect for resellers who buy server space in bulk and offer them to end-users for a price. Because of the low rate for add-on accounts, Nucleus hosting significantly increases the profit made by resellers. Nucleus also offers technical support to resellers as they would to individual subscribers. Nucleus also offers other services that respond to the need for secure online transactions, particularly in e-commerce sites. For online sellers, Nucleus has OrderForm and GeoTrust SSL. OrderForm allows you to provide secure order forms to your website, while GeoTrust SSL ensures the security of all disclosed information in online transactions.

With multi-platform support and plans characterized by flexibility and scalability, Nucleus hosting services are indeed a cut above the rest. With Nucleus, you can surely find reliable assistance in running your website.

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