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Mambo Hosting Review

Managing website content has been one of the biggest challenges to website developers and administrators. It is usual to find content management services (CMS) that are too complicated and expensive. However, thanks to the birth of open-source CMS such as Mambo, creating websites has shifted from being a boring task to an exciting and creative process.

Mambo boasts of its wide array of features aimed to create professional-looking websites for big corporations, small businesses and even individual entities. Unlike other CMS, Mambo offers a solid CMS framework that is not heavily dependent on add-ons and plug-ins. This keeps Mambo lightweight and efficient, thus making it organized and easy to use. The key feature of Mambo is its compatibility to many operating systems. Because you can use Mambo on any platform that supports PHP and MySQL, this results in compatibility with computers that run on Windows, Mac, FreeBSD and Linux. Another noteworthy feature of Mambo is its page caching technology. This page caching mechanism makes it quicker to load pages, even on very busy and traffic-congested sites. You can also keep your users updated through provisions for syndicated RSS feeds. Flexible options for layout and multimedia content management also gives web developers control over the functionality and aesthetics of their website. A WYSIWYG content editor is also included for the benefit of less experienced users.

To get started on Mambo hosting, your system must have PHP (at least the 4.4 version) and MySQL (preferably 4.x version). You can then subscribe to a commercial web hosting service such as SiteGround to act as your site’s server. Most commercial web hosting services guide you through the installation process and provide you with added features such as email accounts, databases and unlimited disk storage and data transfer. However, if you already have a web server of your own, it is best that your server run on Apache-based HTTP server. Once you’ve configured and installed Mambo, all of its valued features are available at your disposal. User manuals and beginner’s guides are also available in Mambo’s rich library of technical support.

Why settle for complicated and expensive CMS with limited features? Mambo offers you a full range of layout design, content management and administration tools necessary to keep your website up and running, without costing you a cent. With Mambo hosting, you can freely design creative and functional websites without burning a hole in your pocket.

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