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Joomla Hosting Review

Since the birth of content management services (CMS) such as Joomla, creating and managing websites have translated from a tedious chore that entails hours of coding in front of a computer to an easy, user-friendly task that can be accomplished with a few mouse clicks. CMS providers offer you software that allows you to easily manage your website content. Such content is not limited to text documents, but has expanded to more advanced types such as videos, audio files and photos. Because Joomla has become such a popular CMS provider, most web hosting services have complied to Joomla standards to be able to reach millions of website developers.

Joomla’s excellent features are based on its three-level CMS system. Joomla provides control to three kinds of users, namely the end-user or website visitor, the administrator and the web developer. For end-users, Joomla has software support that enables them to rate your articles, share them with friends via e-mail or convert them to .pdf and other printer-friendly file formats. Syndication and RSS plug-ins also allows users to keep abreast of your site’s latest updates by subscribing to RSS feeds. Administrators, on the other hand, can control the privacy of the content on your website. Many Joomla plug-ins allow you to pick and choose which articles to display in public and which are only kept for archiving purposes. Among all the three, however, web developers benefit the most from Joomla. Its ease of use and compatibility with existing web hosting services reduces the time for coding and troubleshooting. The WYSIWYG editor also makes it easier for expert and even novice users to combine multimedia content.

Subscribing to Joomla hosting is easy and fast. Most web hosting services offer Joomla one-click Joomla installation. By paying monthly fees to a hosting service, you get Joomla software and other features such as databases, email accounts and data storage that would prove crucial in maintaining your website. If you are your own Web server and would like to be more hands-on, you can download Joomla software from the official website. You would also be required to acquire PHP and MySQL, as these are two of Joomla’s base platforms. Joomla is an opensource software program, thus making it free for everyone. If you’re still unsure if Joomla is the perfect solution for you, you can test-drive their software through a free online demo.

Whether it’s for business or personal use, having Joomla as your reliable CMS provider improves the aesthetical and functional aspects of your website. With its continuously expanding array of features, you are sure that Joomla will satisfy each of your website’s needs. So, what are you waiting for? Avail yourself of Joomla hosting now.

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