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IX Webhosting

About the Company

IX Webhosting Review is a company and subsidiary of the eCommerce Corporation. The web hosting company established in 1999 and is still up and running to this date. IX Web Hosting’s data center is located in Hopskinsville, Kentucky, and the company is one among the few companies operating their own data center.

Currently, they have hosted more than 200,000 domains and on more than 750 servers.

Hosting Plans and Features

The IX Webhosting Review gives major kudos to the company for the broad range of plans they offer, and its availability in a range of platforms including Windows and Linux. In fact, they attend to a wide range of customers, from personal to larger multinational companies. Their Expert Plan starts at $3.95 per month only. This already includes: a dedicated IP address, unlimited disc space and data transfer, with 1,000 email or FTP accounts.

Another option is the Business Plus Plan, for only $6.45 on a monthly basis. This includes unlimited disc space and data transfer, 8 dedicated IP addresses and can host up to 8 domains. IX Webhosting Review can gain access to all the standard tools needed to create a great web site: professional design software, an online file manager, a worldwide web mail access, a free search engine, web stats and also a professional eCommerce shopping cart.


How reliablie is IX Web Hosting? It provides very good reliability—for it can put only a maximum of 100 web sites per server. This is an alarmingly small amount of web site per server, considering that most serve 1,000 or even 2,000 web sites per server. This will ensure a speedy loading process for your site, plus have the maximum resources available.


When it comes to support, this company definitely got it. 24/7 Live toll free support is available. If not, there is also a 24/7 live chat system feature for your questions and inquiries. The company will give prompt and informative answers and immediate assistance. Other support features include: telephone, live chat, e-mail and the hosting manual.

Money back Guarantee

The company offers absolutely zero risk that will willingly refund you 100% any time, and with no questions asked.

Conclusion or Overall Impression

In conclusion, IX Webhosting is among the best companies that offer hosting services, be it for business and personal purposes. Many clients are extremely impressed with the services with great feedback and testimonials. For high quality and affordable web hosting, IX Webhosting will give you a good run for your money.

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