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How to Start Your Own Web Hosting Business with Web Hosting Reseller Plans

Have you ever thought of starting a career in web hosting? There are many people who want to build their own websites. You’ll have such a flourishing market. But buying your own servers and setting those up will be quite expensive and tedious. What’s more, if you are new to the business, getting you own servers right away will expose you to greater risk. The best option you have for starting up is web hosting reseller plans.

What are reseller web hosting plans? This is the way to start off a web hosting business without investing in your own hardware and maintenance. Reseller hosting is like third-party web hosting, where you are the Third-Party Administrator. The logic is as follows: Third-Party Administrator buys bandwidth and disk space allocation from Original Web Host. Third-Party Administrator looks for Clients for web hosting and allots them bandwidth and disk space for usage. Original Web Host charges Third-Party Administrator $x for the service. Third-Party Administrator charges his clients $.5x, which is the Original Web Host’s charge, plus the Third-Party Administrator profit.

This is, of course, done with the condition that you get proper permission from the original host to resell the allocations they gave you. You can’t subscribe to a personal plan then resell the resources to someone else. There are dedicated plans for reseller hosting.

There are many web hosting reseller plans available online. Aside from features offered by regular hosting services, reseller plans provide a wider array of services that are useful to a third-party reseller. Such features are unlimited hosted and sub domains, cPanel accounts and automated billing system. It’s more expensive than regular hosting services, but a reseller account needs more than the regular features offered by regular accounts. An investment of more or less $20 a month will take you a long way already.

If you plan on starting a reselling business, make sure to familiarize yourself first with the many technical aspects of web hosting. Unlike with a regular business venture, reselling requires you to be well-versed technically. This and a good reseller plan will take you places.

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