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Fantastico Hosting

If you’ve experienced managing websites before, it is sometimes an overwhelming task to install the necessary applications to keep your website up and running. Even before creating your website, you probably had to consider the right versions of database platforms and content management software. It is therefore a godsend that cPanel Inc. and PHP developers have come up with Fantastico, a software solution that automatically handles all the necessary app installation and configuration for your website.

Because Fantastico scripts or codes are executed under a web-based control panel, you are required to acquire a web host manager (WHM), preferably a cPanel WHM that is compatible to your server’s operating system. Once integrated with the WHM, Fantastico scripts can perform important tasks such as database creation and application installation. Fantastico can also modify server configurations and adjust user privileges. The good thing about applications installed by Fantastico is that they are available to all domains registered under the server, all with one quick and automatic installation. You can also modify the application set for each user, and keep track of the applications installed and removed by the user. Fantastico also notifies you of available upgrades to your application set. This makes sure that your website accounts are running on the latest and best software solutions available. While Fantastico installs a few licensed software programs, it still works mainly on free and opensource software. These include freeware discussion boards, blogs, online shopping systems and image galleries. You might find that big names such as WordPress, Nucleus and b2evolution have a Fantastico hosting back-end to support their operations.

To get started on your Fantastico hosting, you must have cPanel servers running on FreeBSD or Linux. You must also have PHP and MySQL installed on your servers. These platforms are quite easy to purchase or download, thus making it an easy chore to set up your Fantastico. If you do not own a web server or operate as a reseller, you can subscribe to commercial web hosting services that include installation of Fantastico in their list of subscriber privileges. A good example of this is Nucleus, one of the many hosting services that are running on Fantastico.

In managing your website accounts, whether for personal or business use, you need all the help you can get. With Fantastico doing the dirty work of installing, updating and configuring your web applications, you can devote your time in improving the functionality and quality of your offered service.

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