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Drupal Hosting Review

Nowadays, most websites contain more than text information. It is not unusual to find a website that contains other forms of content like images, videos and web applications. Web developers are thus faced with the challenge of combining these key website elements, without compromising the site’s overall aesthetics and functionality. It’s a good thing that content management services (CMS) like Drupal have been developed to assist developers in handling websites.

Drupal is a free opensource CMS program that is written in PHP, one of today’s most popular programming languages. Drupal Core, the basic release of this brand of CMS, has features that address the particular needs of administrators, developers and end-users. Recognizing that not all users have equal site privileges, Drupal allows administrators to assign role-based user privileges. This spares administrators from the tedious task of assigning privileges to each user, one by one. Rather, like users are grouped into the same role or user type with a common set of privileges. Drupal can also summarize information such as log history, visitor statistics and user tracking in a comprehensive report. Like most PHP-based web hosting, Drupal hosting allows administrators to control and manage their website using a web browser. Even if you’re on the go, you can keep tabs on your website accounts. Developers, on the other hand, would have a field day with content management features such as polling, threaded comments and syndicated news feeds. A key feature of Drupal is its database independence. Because not all platforms use MySQL as their database, Drupal is created in such a way that it is still compatible with other non-MySQL databases. It also has support for all types of operating systems, relieving developers and programmers of the burden of incompatibility issues. You can use Drupal on Solaris, Linux, Mac and Windows, UNIX and BSD. These behind-the-scenes features translate to a secure, organized and flexible multimedia website that keeps users satisfied. In fact, Drupal is used in many community portals, fan sites and social networking services.

Give your website a boost with Drupal hosting. Whether you’re subscribed to a web server or are hosting your own website, you can significantly improve your website’s aesthetics, functionality and popularity by organizing your multimedia content with Drupal Core.

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