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Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting is a type of web hosting where in clients are paying and leasing the entire serve for exclusive use. By doing so, clients are given an autonomous power to control and manage the whole server. This gives them the freedom to freely upgrade, execute, install and uninstall the different software and programs that is needed by the site. This software and programs include the operating system to be used, the hardware and software that’s to be installed, and the security system that’s to be used in addition to the security provided by web host provider. Dedicated hosting provides many direct advantages and also some few disadvantages.

Dedicated web hosting offers the following advantages

• Control – Dedicated website hosting gives clients the ability to directly control the many variables that is associated with the server. Applications and software programs are very important variables when running a site. Dedicated hosting gives this power to its clients. Freely choosing the system and software to ensure both the server’s dependability and reliability, which shared web hosting can’t provide.

• Stability – Dedicated hosting is very stable to use than shared web hosting. A website that is housed in dedicated host providers will enjoy greater up time and less down time. And because the web server is housed from a different location, website is guaranteed to stay online despite power failures and other events that would disrupt the supply of power.

• Faster Webpage Loading – A faster loading of web pages can also be enjoyed when subscribed under this type of host. This will help the company a lot in building a strong business image and a strong internet presence. Faster webpage loading is also an effective way of increasing the web traffic of the site.
While dedicated web hosting may sound tempting it is still necessary to decide whether using this type of hosting service is needed or not. Although dedicated hosting provides an ideal web hosting service, this hosting service is best only for people who have knowledge on operating systems and the technicalities of a site. Another direct disadvantage of dedicated hosting is its cost, but this advantage can be overcome as the company begins to earn stable profit.

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