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cPanel Web Hosts: cPanel for Resellers and End Users

cPanel web hosts are definitely better choices when starting a website. This is especially true for those who want to open a reseller business. A plan with a cPanel feature gives the subscriber the advantage of managing his or her account hassle-free.

There are three important advantages that cPanel offers to its clients. The first one is security. cPanel support provides the most up-to-date virus detection and prevention for your system. Security becomes a lesser concern for the administrators as the system handles all this itself. It automatically updates the security levels and malware listings and prevents them from impeding administrative work.

Second, cPanel web hosts are very self-reliant. cPanel web hosts have a self monitoring system that will advise administrators if there is anything in the flow that could lead to a possible problem in the future. Warnings are given so that administrators could make preemptive decisions for the system’s well being. On the development side, cPanel makes web management and development easier for both the admin and the clients by simplifying the work process. Thanks to the GUI-based cPanel tool, all commands are just a click away. Things are more organized and easy to understand. Also, clients are given web construction wizards that help out with the site building process. Extensive knowledge of programming is no longer a necessity with cPanel.

A third benefit from getting cPanel web hosts is the extensible nature of the software. Through APIs, one can expand the functionality of cPanel. Common functions can be made automatic by making your own custom scripts and hooks. Examples of tasks that can be made automated are updating MySQL, prompting clients to regularly change their passwords and sending out status messages to clients. This is an add-on feature that is very helpful especially for resellers.

cPanel web hosting is definitely the best type of hosting service feature. This is especially true for resellers. The benefits are numerous. As a reseller, the cPanel feature will give you greater appeal to potential clients. As an end user, web development becomes hassle-free. Both resellers and end users can benefit from choosing cPanel.

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