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cPanel Web Hosting Reseller: Helping the Reseller Business

cPanel is a great help for everyone in a web hosting hierarchy. This GUI-based tool makes web administration substantially easier. This tool is particularly helpful for web hosting resellers. cPanel web hosting reseller services provide this tool to make admin tasks more user-friendly and hassle-free.
As a reseller, one would have to micro-manage the accounts subscribed with your service. Without cPanel or other web hosting managers (WHM), the task would be tedious. Opting for reselling is supposed to lessen your technical responsibilities as a host since you do not directly manage the servers. But without a proper WHM, the reseller admin work becomes tedious all the same.

cPanel web hosting reseller services is the best reseller tool available in the market. It has a graphical user interface which contains all tasks and functions of your web hosting service. Managing accounts and services are just a point and a click away.

cPanel basically allows the admin to view and monitor disk space and bandwidth usage through its control panel. As a reseller, managing clients properly is your business. If you cannot monitor their resources properly, they can easily encounter technical problems. Any tech issues will be more of a hassle to you than to anyone. Moreover, clients can move to other service providers if they are displeased with your service.
Another great thing about cPanel web hosting reseller services is that the tool is offered from top to bottom. That means that the cPanel utility is also available for the clients to use. They can use this for account activity monitoring and making sure everything is running smoothly. The cPanel utility is distributed from admin to end user. Having this feature available for end users will attract more subscribers to your service.

Overall, cPanel contributes nothing but benefits for a reseller business. It gives you easier accessibility to administrative work. It makes system monitoring easier. And it makes you appeal to customers more as you offer them features not usually made available by other web hosts. At $25 a month, you can improve your business immensely by getting a cPanel host.

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