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cPanel Web Host:The Key to Easier Web Hosting

There are several cPanel web host services available in the market today. Subscribing with a web host that offers cPanel is very helpful, especially for resellers. But what is cPanel actually? cPanel is graphical user interface (GUI) tool for web hosting services that aids the administration, management and usage of the system. Everyone in a web hosting hierarchy benefits from cPanel, from the reseller admin to the end users.
For administrators, a cPanel web host will help with the monitoring of disk space and bandwidth consumption. These are shown in the panel itself and allows for easy management of resources. Also, it can make maintenance responsibilities hassle free. This is a great help, especially those in the reseller business. As reselling is supposed to give you less technical responsibilities, this will make the business even easier to run.

As for end users, a cPanel web host will make web design and management a piece of cake. The GUI tool gives even the most technologically-challenged the capability of running a great site. An example of a cPanel feature is the Getting Started Wizard, where in an end user is guided throughout the web development process in a very user-friendly way.

cPanel web management and administration a point and click process. Moreover, it makes the system more self-sufficient. This is because since most frequently asked questions (FAQs) are already documented in the cPanel help, you can try doing some DIY remedies for your problems. This lessens the need to call technical support or the risk of having to put you site offline for technical fixing.

cPanel can also give you great preventive maintenance capabilities by reporting any factors in the system that might cause future complications. For example, it would warn a reseller admin that an account is about to reach its disk space limit. The reseller in turn would inform the end user so the end user can either upgrade his or her account or delete some extra files that are no longer need to free some disk space. cPanel can prevent any problem between the admin and end users.

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