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Category Archives: Reseller Web Hosting

cPanel Web Hosting Reseller: Helping the Reseller Business


cPanel is a great help for everyone in a web hosting hierarchy. This GUI-based tool makes web administration substantially easier. This tool is particularly helpful for web hosting resellers. cPanel web hosting reseller services provide this tool to make admin tasks more user-friendly and hassle-free. As a reseller, one would have to micro-manage the accounts […]

Reseller Web Hosting Reviews


If you are planning on starting your own small-time web hosting service, the first thing to do is to look for the best reseller package for you. What is reseller hosting? Basically, this is a business in which you pay for disk and bandwidth allocations and do web hosting as a third-party entity. Your basic […]

Unlimited Reseller Web Hosting: A Need for Growing Reseller Businesses


If you have a web hosting reseller business and you feel like it’s starting to boom, it would be good to acquire an unlimited reseller web hosting service. When resellers start up their businesses, not all get an unlimited hosting service off that bat. Usually, they test the waters first and when business becomes good, […]

Windows Reseller Web Hosting: The Best Platform for Resellers


If you want to start a reseller web host business, you have to decide which operating system (OS) your server will have. There are two main OS servers in the market today, Window and Linux/Unix. Windows reseller web hosting has many advantages over a Linux/Unix-based one. Of course, Linux/Unix too has its plus points versus […]

How to Start Your Own Web Hosting Business with Web Hosting Reseller Plans


Have you ever thought of starting a career in web hosting? There are many people who want to build their own websites. You’ll have such a flourishing market. But buying your own servers and setting those up will be quite expensive and tedious. What’s more, if you are new to the business, getting you own […]

Qualities of a Good Web Host Reseller


It is never hard to find a good web host reseller that offers great services. There are a lot of sites nowadays that offer reseller web hosting for a cheap price. Majority of these few sites, moreover, do not include hidden fees in their bills. This is, of course, something that the clients will go […]

Affordable Reseller Web Hosting Service


Being around for many years and counting in the web hosting industry is not a joke, especially if keeping the site’s reputation up is one of the main goals. This is what an affordable reseller web hosting site is doing not only because the people behind the site wanted to get more income from their […]

Reseller Web Hosting


In the unlimited hosting business, there are two opportunities available – to build a site under an efficient yet affordable unlimited hosting site, or to build one’s own reseller web hosting site that will attract more clients searching for web hosting services. Reseller web hosting is a type of web hosting service that enables the […]