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b2evolution Hosting Review

Recognizing how blogging has invaded most of the online world, b2evolution sets itself apart from other content management services (CMS) by centering on blogging technology. By using blogging as the core of their software, b2evolution, also called b2evo, has gained popularity due to its simplicity and ease of use. Not only does b2evo cater to the needs of bloggers and website owners. It also extends to IT professionals looking for a reliable software application to help them perform administrative tasks on their website accounts.
B2evo’s feature is its capability to handle multiple blogs with one quick installation of the software. Each blog can be displayed on individual pages, or can be aggregated together in one common site. This gives you the flexibility to group like blog accounts, such as photo blogs or video blogs, in one mother website.

B2evolution hosting also allows you to categorize your blog entries by topic or by any other parameter that you see fit. You can even cross-post an article to multiple blogs with one click. If one blog or website is used by a community of writers, authors and viewers, b2evo helps administrators to fully customize the read and write privileges of each user. This establishes an organized and moderated user structure that safeguards the site from unauthorized entries. Administrators need not worry about compatibility issues, as b2evo runs on common platforms such as PHP and MySQL and on Linux and Windows web servers. Developers can also let their creativity out with b2evo’s wide array of blog skins, themes and plug-in applications. Because b2evo is easy to use, developers and web designers can focus their time and energy to creating websites that are flexible, interactive, secure and functional.

To get started on b2evolution hosting, your system must run on PHP and MySQL platform. If you have your own website already, you can immediately download and install the latest version of b2evo. It is recommended that you download the latest software to be able to make the most out of your free b2evo software. If you are yet to have your own website, you can start by selecting a good web hosting service. B2evo has released a list of web hosts that work best with the b2evo environment. After hooking up with a good hosting service, you can proceed to installing b2evo and start creating multimedia content for your website.

Although blogging is at the core of b2evolution’s services, its full range of features proves that it is more than just a blog. Whether you’re a blogging newbie or an expert web administrator, you would find that b2evo is one of the most powerful tools that you would need in maintaining artistic and functional websites.

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