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eCommerce Web Hosting: The Higher Demands of eCommerce Sites


eCommerce web hosting offers a lot more compared to personal hosting. This is primarily because business websites get higher demands from visitors. Unlike personal websites where visitors just browse through the contents, web shops need to interact in more complex ways with visitors. Moreover, visitors aren’t just called visitors in web shops. There, they are called customers.

Web shops demand more applications and resources from their hosting providers. That is why eCommerce web hosting is more heavy-duty than regular personal hosting services. Like a regular business, eCommerce sites need storage for inventory, an aesthetically-pleasing shop and a good finance management system. These are all translated to technical aspects when it comes to eCommerce web hosting.

Physical inventory storage equates to disk space in eCommerce. Disk space is where all kinds of information are saved. This includes images of the items being sold, product information and stock availability. Like in regular inventories, even if the product is sold out, all the product information is still saved in the system for possible future references. All files and information are saved in the disk space allocated to the account by the web hosts. Since inventory grows perpetually, disk space for eCommece accounts should be ample. Lack of this will lead to loss of important information.

Shop appearance is manifested digitally in the web shop’s design and lay out. A site can be designed well by employing high levels of programming via PHP, PERL and Java. A good business web host should be able to support many languages for this purpose. HTML alone cannot make a site interactive. A web shop that looks tasteful will appeal more to customers. The greater the appeal, the more visitors will visit the site. The more visits the site gets, the greater the likelihood of making profit is.

Good finance management is reflected in the web hosts capability to offer features that help online shopping and payment. Online shopping should always be easy. Imagine a web shop that doesn’t have a shopping cart and a check out. All the work involved just to purchase a product could turn off customers. Hosts that provide payment and shopping add-ons can make a web shop more likeable.

cPanel Web Hosts: cPanel for Resellers and End Users


cPanel web hosts are definitely better choices when starting a website. This is especially true for those who want to open a reseller business. A plan with a cPanel feature gives the subscriber the advantage of managing his or her account hassle-free.

There are three important advantages that cPanel offers to its clients. The first one is security. cPanel support provides the most up-to-date virus detection and prevention for your system. Security becomes a lesser concern for the administrators as the system handles all this itself. It automatically updates the security levels and malware listings and prevents them from impeding administrative work.

Second, cPanel web hosts are very self-reliant. cPanel web hosts have a self monitoring system that will advise administrators if there is anything in the flow that could lead to a possible problem in the future. Warnings are given so that administrators could make preemptive decisions for the system’s well being. On the development side, cPanel makes web management and development easier for both the admin and the clients by simplifying the work process. Thanks to the GUI-based cPanel tool, all commands are just a click away. Things are more organized and easy to understand. Also, clients are given web construction wizards that help out with the site building process. Extensive knowledge of programming is no longer a necessity with cPanel.

A third benefit from getting cPanel web hosts is the extensible nature of the software. Through APIs, one can expand the functionality of cPanel. Common functions can be made automatic by making your own custom scripts and hooks. Examples of tasks that can be made automated are updating MySQL, prompting clients to regularly change their passwords and sending out status messages to clients. This is an add-on feature that is very helpful especially for resellers.

cPanel web hosting is definitely the best type of hosting service feature. This is especially true for resellers. The benefits are numerous. As a reseller, the cPanel feature will give you greater appeal to potential clients. As an end user, web development becomes hassle-free. Both resellers and end users can benefit from choosing cPanel.

Web Hosting with cPanel: Advantages of Having the cPanel Tool


cPanel is the ultimate tool that can make web hosting responsibilities and tasks easier. Web hosting with cPanel doesn’t require one to be an expert in technical systems management anymore. With cPanel, tedious web hosting tasks are reduced to simple point-and-click management of systems.

cPanel is a feature some web hosting services offer to clients. Such hosts are HostGator, Site5 and Inmotion. This feature is best for reseller businesses as they make the administrative management of the hosting from their end much easier. Moreover, they can attract more customers since the cPanel services are also offered to the end users if their reseller hosts have it in their accounts.

cPanel is a very basic and simplified tool that can make anyone manage their sites expertly. With resellers, web hosting with cPanel makes admin tasks less tedious and fool proof. For end users, website management becomes a walk in the park with help and wizards guiding you all the way.

There are many benefits in web hosting with cPanel. For resellers, business becomes more efficient and booming. First off, resellers have more time to devote in advertising, which is a great need for a reselling business. Advertising is a big factor for the growth of the business since competition is high. Second, resellers that offer cPanel will have an advantage over those who don’t offer it. As cPanel is distributed to both admin and end users, website tasks would become easier for both. End users, especially ones who are not experts on web development, will opt for a cPanel reseller over a regular one as their tasks for web development would be simplified.

As for end users, as mentioned above, web development and design become hassle free. cPanel has features like Getting Started Wizards which can aid the users step-by-step in making a good quality site for their personal use. Also, maintenance becomes easier as disk space and bandwidth transfers can be monitored in the cPanel tool itself. It can prevent downtime and problems in the future via preventive maintenance. Business will be good for both the reseller hosts and end users.

cPanel Web Host:The Key to Easier Web Hosting


There are several cPanel web host services available in the market today. Subscribing with a web host that offers cPanel is very helpful, especially for resellers. But what is cPanel actually? cPanel is graphical user interface (GUI) tool for web hosting services that aids the administration, management and usage of the system. Everyone in a web hosting hierarchy benefits from cPanel, from the reseller admin to the end users.
For administrators, a cPanel web host will help with the monitoring of disk space and bandwidth consumption. These are shown in the panel itself and allows for easy management of resources. Also, it can make maintenance responsibilities hassle free. This is a great help, especially those in the reseller business. As reselling is supposed to give you less technical responsibilities, this will make the business even easier to run.

As for end users, a cPanel web host will make web design and management a piece of cake. The GUI tool gives even the most technologically-challenged the capability of running a great site. An example of a cPanel feature is the Getting Started Wizard, where in an end user is guided throughout the web development process in a very user-friendly way.

cPanel web management and administration a point and click process. Moreover, it makes the system more self-sufficient. This is because since most frequently asked questions (FAQs) are already documented in the cPanel help, you can try doing some DIY remedies for your problems. This lessens the need to call technical support or the risk of having to put you site offline for technical fixing.

cPanel can also give you great preventive maintenance capabilities by reporting any factors in the system that might cause future complications. For example, it would warn a reseller admin that an account is about to reach its disk space limit. The reseller in turn would inform the end user so the end user can either upgrade his or her account or delete some extra files that are no longer need to free some disk space. cPanel can prevent any problem between the admin and end users.

cPanel Web Hosting Reseller: Helping the Reseller Business


cPanel is a great help for everyone in a web hosting hierarchy. This GUI-based tool makes web administration substantially easier. This tool is particularly helpful for web hosting resellers. cPanel web hosting reseller services provide this tool to make admin tasks more user-friendly and hassle-free.
As a reseller, one would have to micro-manage the accounts subscribed with your service. Without cPanel or other web hosting managers (WHM), the task would be tedious. Opting for reselling is supposed to lessen your technical responsibilities as a host since you do not directly manage the servers. But without a proper WHM, the reseller admin work becomes tedious all the same.

cPanel web hosting reseller services is the best reseller tool available in the market. It has a graphical user interface which contains all tasks and functions of your web hosting service. Managing accounts and services are just a point and a click away.

cPanel basically allows the admin to view and monitor disk space and bandwidth usage through its control panel. As a reseller, managing clients properly is your business. If you cannot monitor their resources properly, they can easily encounter technical problems. Any tech issues will be more of a hassle to you than to anyone. Moreover, clients can move to other service providers if they are displeased with your service.
Another great thing about cPanel web hosting reseller services is that the tool is offered from top to bottom. That means that the cPanel utility is also available for the clients to use. They can use this for account activity monitoring and making sure everything is running smoothly. The cPanel utility is distributed from admin to end user. Having this feature available for end users will attract more subscribers to your service.

Overall, cPanel contributes nothing but benefits for a reseller business. It gives you easier accessibility to administrative work. It makes system monitoring easier. And it makes you appeal to customers more as you offer them features not usually made available by other web hosts. At $25 a month, you can improve your business immensely by getting a cPanel host.

Effortless Hosting with cPanel Web Hosting


cPanel is the ultimate technological support for web hosting. Traditionally, web hosting is a very black-and-white process. However, with cPanel web hosting, things become more user-friendly. It provides a graphical user interface (GUI), making it easier to manage the hosting controls and features. The point-and-click platform simplifies the task of web hosting.

cPanel web hosting’s various levels of administration are for administrator, end user, reseller and also email-based interfaces. These are provided different levels of control and functions. With cPanel, both hosts and clients can enjoy less stressful work. System management becomes user-friendly, secure and flexible for everyone in the hierarchy. The basic advantages and benefits of cPanel web hosting are simplification of work, security and self-reliance.

cPanel utilization makes work simple. Thanks to the GUI, everything is east to understand and more workable. Even those who are new to web hosting can navigate around the hosting system expertly with the Getting Started Wizards tool. Plus, with the built-in user help tutor, you can fix simple and common problems yourself. The help tutor lists all common issues and their resolution so you can try to fix it yourself before calling technical support. Everything is just a click away.

Security is a priority with cPanel support. That is why they have the newest virus defense, rootkit detection and many other features that will secure you servers. Security settings can also be modified while your servers are in lock down.

The cPanel system is self-reliant because first, it monitors its own service automatically 24/7. Once it detects anything wrong, it will auto restart the system in an attempt to reset any kind of failed service. It also informs the user if there are any possible complications to the system in the future. This will give you the power to do effective preventive maintenance and avoid unnecessary down time.

There are several hosting services that make cPanel available. Examples of web hosts that offer cPanel are HostGator, BlueHost and LunarPages. cPanel simplifies all tasks and responsibilities from top to bottom. From the server admin to the end user, everyone’s work becomes substantially easier.

Reseller Web Hosting Reviews


If you are planning on starting your own small-time web hosting service, the first thing to do is to look for the best reseller package for you. What is reseller hosting? Basically, this is a business in which you pay for disk and bandwidth allocations and do web hosting as a third-party entity. Your basic target clients are those who want to start a small business or personal website, mostly those who aren’t that well versed in web development.

The very first step to take when starting a reseller business is to look for the right provider for you. Web hosts have dedicated packages for resellers. The best way to find out which packages are the best ones is to look for reseller web hosting reviews. Many independent sites list their top bets for reseller packages. It is best to find out which specific offer fits your market the best.

The top four web hosts that are highly recommended by reviewers are Site5, HostGator, Green Reseller and Eleven2. Reseller web hosting reviews take two important features into consideration when rating service: Ease of use; and availability of a billing system for reseller’s clients.

Ease of use is very important in reselling. One of the perks of reselling is having less technical responsibility. If the administrative end in reselling is difficult, then it beats its own purpose. Administration should be easy. That’s why the best hosting providers have free web host managers (WHM) for reselling accounts. This makes the administrative task easier. The top hosting companies even offer cPanel, a GUI-based, point-and-click administrative tool. This is the best WHM available today.

Billing is another important thing for reseller. As resellers divide expenses between clients, providers should provide a hassle-free way of getting paid. It would be hard to set-up a separate payment system. A reseller web hosting review gives the highest mark for those who have a free billing system for resellers. All top four reseller sites recommended above have this feature. A web hosting service should never charge you for billing services. Always go for ones that offer it free.

Unlimited Reseller Web Hosting: A Need for Growing Reseller Businesses


If you have a web hosting reseller business and you feel like it’s starting to boom, it would be good to acquire an unlimited reseller web hosting service. When resellers start up their businesses, not all get an unlimited hosting service off that bat. Usually, they test the waters first and when business becomes good, they move to an unlimited reseller web hosting service.

Offers with unlimited hosting are very different from limited reseller hosts. As the name suggests, unlimited hosting offers unlimited disk space and/or bandwidth allocation. Meaning a reseller will be able to accommodate an unlimited number of clients. Moreover, unlimited hosting also offers special bonus features that are not available for limited clients. A couple of examples are free website templates, as with Host Gator, unlimited FTP accounts, as with Mega Web Server, and free hosting manager for Lypha.

Unlimited reseller web hosting packages are priced in the range of $25 to $40 a month. Depending on what your business needs more, you can opt for packages that devote more points to a specific service. For example, if you just need more disk space but your current bandwidth allocation seems sufficient, you can opt for a package that offers unlimited web space but has a limited, albeit larger, allocation for bandwidth transfers.

For resellers, the benefit they get from unlimited service is the assurance that they can accommodate more clients. This means more business. Moreover, the greater resources you have on hand, the faster the service is going to be for the clients. The happier the clients, the higher the chances they will stay with you going forward.

When just starting up the business, one can set aside the need to sign up for an unlimited reseller hosting service. But when the clients’ usage of your services start to catch up with your limit, it would be wise to start investing on unlimited service. Neglecting to do this would have you either turn away potential customers or lose the ones you currently have. Always invest money on what will be best for your business and the customers.

Windows Reseller Web Hosting: The Best Platform for Resellers


If you want to start a reseller web host business, you have to decide which operating system (OS) your server will have. There are two main OS servers in the market today, Window and Linux/Unix. Windows reseller web hosting has many advantages over a Linux/Unix-based one. Of course, Linux/Unix too has its plus points versus Windows, but in a world where Microsoft basically rules computers, Windows is most compatible.

If you want to be a reseller, you have to take into consideration the machine specifications of you prospective clients. If you plan on targeting mostly private clients, then chances are they have a windows platform and are more familiar with it. These clients would only require personal web hosting. Yes, Linux/Unix web hosting is more stable than Windows. But adaptability-wise, Windows is better. A Linux/Unix-based website can move easily to a Windows server, but that is not the truth the other way around.

There are many advantages of getting a Windows reseller web hosting. If you know your clients are going to be more Windows-savvy, this is the best option for you. Sites built with Visual Basic or Active Server Pages (.ASP) can only be supported by a Windows server. If you know your clients will be utilizing these, then the choice is obvious.

Another perk of Windows reseller web hosting is its beginner-friendly features. It has the ability to recognize Microsoft Front Page. Front Page is an easy way to design a website. A windows platform can recognize this and Linux/Unix cannot. With Linux/Unix, you have to have a certain degree of knowledge in web development and design. Knowledge of programming languages is a must. But with a Windows-based server, as long as you are familiar with Windows, you will not have a hard time working on and maintaining your site. This is the best choice for individual clients and web development beginners.

Reseller clientele is mostly private individuals. As most private clients do not have an intense programming background and with the high likelihood that they’re more familiar with Windows, this is the best choice for reseller hosting.

How to Start Your Own Web Hosting Business with Web Hosting Reseller Plans


Have you ever thought of starting a career in web hosting? There are many people who want to build their own websites. You’ll have such a flourishing market. But buying your own servers and setting those up will be quite expensive and tedious. What’s more, if you are new to the business, getting you own servers right away will expose you to greater risk. The best option you have for starting up is web hosting reseller plans.

What are reseller web hosting plans? This is the way to start off a web hosting business without investing in your own hardware and maintenance. Reseller hosting is like third-party web hosting, where you are the Third-Party Administrator. The logic is as follows: Third-Party Administrator buys bandwidth and disk space allocation from Original Web Host. Third-Party Administrator looks for Clients for web hosting and allots them bandwidth and disk space for usage. Original Web Host charges Third-Party Administrator $x for the service. Third-Party Administrator charges his clients $.5x, which is the Original Web Host’s charge, plus the Third-Party Administrator profit.

This is, of course, done with the condition that you get proper permission from the original host to resell the allocations they gave you. You can’t subscribe to a personal plan then resell the resources to someone else. There are dedicated plans for reseller hosting.

There are many web hosting reseller plans available online. Aside from features offered by regular hosting services, reseller plans provide a wider array of services that are useful to a third-party reseller. Such features are unlimited hosted and sub domains, cPanel accounts and automated billing system. It’s more expensive than regular hosting services, but a reseller account needs more than the regular features offered by regular accounts. An investment of more or less $20 a month will take you a long way already.

If you plan on starting a reselling business, make sure to familiarize yourself first with the many technical aspects of web hosting. Unlike with a regular business venture, reselling requires you to be well-versed technically. This and a good reseller plan will take you places.